Restructuring & Turnaround

Today’s businesses face an increasing array of challenges, from rapid technological change to heightened competition and global economic uncertainty. This fundamental struggle with change, particularly in over-leveraged situations, has the potential to create a crisis environment with strategic, operational and financial problems. In these situations Valuemaxx can assist you:

Valuemaxx offers hands on turnaround management. We deliver skills, experience and other support helping companies to survive, grow and maximize its value by securing sustainability.

Turnaround management is an art. Based on our relevant background we see turnaround management as an specific art. This art is gained in insight and judgements through our experience. Valuemaxx was founded in 2015 when we recognized that underperforming or distressed companies require other management skills and experience where we could add value for different stakeholders:

  • In a turnaround, a different type of leadership style is required compared to stable business situations

  • Management will be under more pressure because the turnaround has to be executed in addition to “normal” daily business

  • Required turnaround actions are usually more severe because of actions not taken in the past by the same management

  • Faster decisions and actions are generally required because of the critical situations prevailing

  • The turnaround situation is tough and is usually worse than expected

  • There is generally less margin for error in a turnaround situation and consequences of error is greater

  • Assist in fund raising or sales process

Turnaround Process Flow

Turnaround management process

We are not management consultants we are corporate doctors. Coming from proven CxO roles in very difficult situations, our focus is to be recognized as corporate doctors with integrity, quality and trust. We work directly with company management as a hands on interim CxO and help to stabilize strategic, financial and operational performance by developing and implementing comprehensive plans. Our involvement reassures stakeholders that the company is taking steps to address its problems, secure sustainability and therefore maximize its value in the future.